Halloween can be a real horror show when it comes to plastic waste, so we’ve put together some tips and ideas to make it a spooky but sustainable event this year…

If you’re throwing a party or entertaining over Halloween, we’ve obviously got you covered for eco wine, Prosecco, and alcohol-free options. Don’t forget to recycle your bottles!


An easy win is to avoid plastic cups, plates and cutlery. If you’re at home, proper glassware always adds a touch of style to an occasion, or ask at your local supermarket as many run glassware hire schemes. Foodwise, stick to finger food and nibbles and remove the need for plates (and washing up!)


When it comes to decorations, it is possible to create a fun spooky venue while avoiding adding to the mountain of plastic waste - you just have to get creative!

Pumpkins are a fantastic, natural way to dress your house. If you’re green fingered, you could even consider starting from seed and growing your own.

If you’re carving Halloween designs into your pumpkins, don’t throw away the insides! Pumpkin seeds are a really tasty addition to soups and salads. Soak them briefly to ensure all the flesh is off, then allow to dry out or roast them before storing in an airtight container.

And once your pumpkins and squashes are done adorning your doorstep, transform the flesh into a tasty dish, or pop them in the compost if they’ve gone bad. Fresh pumpkin will keep in the fridge for around 3 days and frozen, will last up to six months.

The internet has an array of ideas for easy DIY plastic-free decorations using natural materials or conjure some up using old textiles such as bed sheets and clothes. If crafting isn’t your thing, check out your local charity shops who are often full of plastic free Halloween bits in October – plus you’ll be helping a great cause at the same time.

If you do buy decorations, pick good quality ones that are reusable year-on-year, rather than cheap breakable ornaments that you will end up throwing away after one use.


Transforming into a ghostly ghoul, a wicked witch or a scary skeleton? Try to avoid buying Halloween costumes which often contain lots of plastic. It’s time to get that creative juice flowing again to create your own from materials like paper and card or raid your wardrobe or local charity shop to find the most frightful frocks you can! You could also consider renting a Halloween costume.

Don’t forget make up or face paint can be a great way to create an incredible transformation – just remember to remove it at the end of the night using a simple bar of soap or eco-friendly cleanser – no need for plastic wet wipes!


For kids, Halloween is all about the treats so this year instead of providing wrapped sweets, why not make your own goodies? And if your kids are heading out in search of sweets, don’t forget to give them a reusable bag instead of a plastic bucket.

We witch you a very Happy (plastic free) Halloween – eat, drink and be scary!

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