Provence Rosés are beautifully dry, pale pink wines, minerally and delicately fruity. This style began when a handful of pioneering Provence producers changed their wine production techniques to create a fresher wine style, to modernise the wines for the twenty-first century.


Provence Rosé is the perfect accompaniment in the summer months to just about everything – barbeques, picnics, Sunday roasts.

As the sun starts to grace us with its rays, and the temptation for a light and refreshing wine in the evening grows stronger, let us tell you why we think Sea Change Provence Rosé should be your tipple of choice.  


Provence is the oldest wine-producing region in France. In fact, its winemaking history dates all the way back to 600BC, when the Ancient Greeks founded Marseille. Rosé wine as we know it today is more representative of Ancient Greek wine than red wine. This is because modern maceration techniques used to produce darker red wines were not widely used in ancient winemaking.

It wasn’t until the Greeks departed the region and the Romans took over that the name ‘Provincia Nostra,’ meaning “our province” was coined. Winemaking continued during Roman rule and the tradition has continued ever since.


A location’s terroir – meaning its climate, soil, and terrain – impacts the taste of a wine. For instance, grapes grown in a warm climate generate higher sugar levels (which produce wine with a higher alcohol percentage).

On the other hand, grapes produced in cooler climates generally have lower sugar level, so the wines produced in these climates tend to be more acidic.

Provence has a diverse terrain – with variations in climate and soil across the Provence region offering winemakers the opportunity to develop uniquely delicious flavour profiles, in their quest for perfect freshness.


Ah, summer! The season of barbeques and picnics in the park. Enter Provence Rosé, a wine that’s fresh, beautifully crisp and delicately fruity. Not only is it incredibly light and easy to sip at summer gatherings, it’s also delicious. In addition, it pairs nicely with typical summer dishes from chicken salads to seafood paella. So, if you’re hosting a barbeque or party and want to make a good impression, why not give Sea Change Provence Rosé a go?


Our Provence Rosé is full of fresh zesty grapefruit, delicate white peach, and tropical flavours. It’s perfectly balanced and guaranteed to impress at summer parties. It's not just us that rate it so highly either - it's the holder of an impressive four medals, including two Golds from the prestigious Vins de Provence le Concors awards. 

Not only is this a fantastic wine, but it’s also environmentally friendly. We use minimal, sustainable packaging and by enjoying our wonderful Sea Change Provence Rosé, you are also helping to fund the incredible work of our charity partners. One of these is the Olive Ridley Project, which runs a Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in Baa Atoll. The Centre provides medical treatment to sea turtles found ensnared and injured across the Maldives, with over 200 admitted and treated and 104 successfully returned to the wild to date. 

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