Otter Label

Organic White

Sea Change Organic Chardonnay offers a balanced combination of aromas and taste that create a light yet fruity wine. Nuances of white flowers on the nose and citrus fruits on the palette, it has refreshing acidity that ends with a long-lasting taste.

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Organic Red

Our organic red, made with the indigenous Spanish Bobal grape, balances intensity with the vibrant flavours of red and black fruits such as cherry, raspberry, and blackcurrant.

With a deep ruby colour, this wine is full-bodied with high tannins and a beautiful long finish.

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The sea otter is an endangered species, having been hunted extensively for its pelts. It’s one of the smallest marine mammals on earth, but the largest member of the weasel family.

Although the sea otter is capable of walking on land, it spends virtually all its time in the water. Unlike other marine mammals, it has no blubber to keep it warm. As a result, sea otters must consume up to 40 percent of their body weight every day, just to keep warm.