There has been a huge growth in the number of people looking for non or low alcoholic drinks (known as NoLo) in the last few years. As well as people who choose not to drink, this demand has been spurred on as part of a larger health and wellness movement, and a move to a more flexible approach to drinking, in the same way as some of us have adopted a flexitarian diet. 

Whatever your reasons for cutting out or cutting down on alcohol, the hardest bit can be finding a satisfactory substitute for your favourite drink. While demand for low and no alcohol drinks is at an all-time high, beer has largely been driving this market forward. The wine industry has been slower to adapt to the growing appeal of alcohol-free products, with the main challenge being producing a wine alternative that delivers on taste.

Those of us who are looking for a non-alcoholic wine alternative have, to date, been met with a poor choice - we want to enjoy a drink which delivers on flavour, complexity and craftsmanship.

Sea Change Free is a far cry from non and low alcohol wine alternatives of the past. We know that people are thirsty for authentic, high quality non-alcoholic options. Sea Change Free provides exactly this. We have ensured there is no compromise on taste or provenance for non-drinkers – this is a beautiful tasting, eco-conscious, 0% alcohol sparkling wine alternative with true style and eco-friendly star status.

An alcohol-free alternative with grown-up style

Whether it’s a special occasion, a celebration, or a casual get-together with friends, these affairs are often synonymous with a bottle of bubbly, which has led to Prosecco being one of the UK’s most popular drinks. Non-drinkers, in contrast, are left with a comparatively poor choice of options.

We believe, however, that bubbles don't necessarily have to mean booze, and Sea Change Free means you no longer have to miss out on that celebratory glass. Now you can do it in style with a glass of Sea Change Free.

With a refined, dry base, Free offers a similar bubble and flavour profile to the real thing. It’s not only fantastic on its own, but also forms the perfect base to mocktails.

No alcohol, no compromise on flavour

Many non-alcoholic beverages are produced via an industrial de-alcoholisation process which inevitably takes away aroma, flavour and texture. In contrast, Sea Change Free is revolutionary both in its production process and concept.

Sea Change Free is produced by a highly awarded artisan winery located in Treviso, in the heart of the Prosecco region of Northern Italy. The winemaker uses Glera grapes, the same as those used in Prosecco, but these are kept at four degrees to prevent fermentation. The result is a crisp, balanced and vibrant drink that has no artificial additives or colouring and is naturally 0.0% volume alcohol.

Mix it up – alcohol free style!

As well as the perfect long drink over ice, Free is the ideal base for mocktails. Non-drinkers want the interest, excitement and textures of a quality cocktail; Free can deliver a quality non-alcoholic drink, with all the look and taste of a cocktail.

With Free you can provide creativity and thoughtfulness in your mocktails – here’s a recipe for one of our favourites, a passionfruit and elderflower spritz:
  • Combine 50ml passionfruit juice and 50ml elderflower syrup in a wine glass
  • Add juice from ½ a lemon
  • Top up with Sea Change Free and enjoy!

Giving up or cutting back – we’ve got you covered

Maybe you have always been a non-drinker, or perhaps you’re taking part in Dry January or Sober for October? Either way Sea Change Free has you covered for this – and beyond!

Naturally free from all alcohol, Sea Change Free is vegetarian, vegan and halal friendly. What’s more, with only 27 calories per 100ml serving you can be decadent and indulgent knowing that you are considering both the planet’s health and your own - as with our entire range, Sea Change Free has minimal packaging with the unnecessary plastic wrap covering removed from the neck of the bottle. The materials for the labels are sourced from sustainably managed forests (FSC) and are made partially from grape waste.

The bottle features an albatross, the first bird to appear in Sea Change’s collection of marine animal labels. It has been hand drawn and demonstrates the impact of plastic pollution on our seas. The albatross is one of the largest seabirds on earth with a wingspan of up to three and a half metres but, sadly, it is also the world’s most threatened family of birds - every one of its 22 species is at threat, some critically.

Sales of Sea Change Free will support efforts to protect marine wildlife such as the albatross with a contribution to our charity partners from every bottle sold.

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