Turning Ideas into Actions

Experiencing plastic pollution firsthand sparked the idea for Sea Change, as we wanted to do something meaningful to combat the problems facing our oceans. This ethos remains the backbone of our business - from the way we buy and package our wines, through to the partnerships we’ve established with marine charities across the globe. 

Our latest charitable venture is supporting someone who has also seen the damaging effects of human activity on our climate and environment at close quarters, and who is now setting out on an exciting mission to try and understand more about the challenges we face to mitigate this. Meet Charlotte…

From Southern French Vineyards to Antarctic Adventures

Charlotte Lemstra grew up in the Southern French countryside, running though vineyards and getting her hands dirty in the cellar whenever she could, attempting to help her winemaking father. The vineyards of Château Canet have been her home for as long as she can remember, and this is where the Sea Change team first met her – Canet being the producer of our Sea Change whale range.  

Charlotte says, “I feel extremely lucky to have grown up admiring nature at its best – a region where grapes turn into wine! What more could I ask for? However, this was not without reality checks. And these came in the form of floods, frosts, droughts… each and every one a reminder of the fragility of our home.”

It was seeing the frailty of her local environment at such close quarters that spurred Charlotte’s interest in sustainability and climate change. She studies Geography and International Relations at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and was lucky enough to meet polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan OBE, the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles.

Swan has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica through the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. He founded the 2041 Foundation to preserve Antarctica as a natural reserve for science and peace.

Robert believes it is important that people go to Antarctica to observe the changes that are happening so that they can return home and become advocates for this great landscape, and the Foundation enables a number of young leaders to join a global team to Antarctica each year. Charlotte was thrilled to be invited to take part in this year’s expedition, which takes place from the 17th to the 28th of March.


A Generation of Change Makers

The aim of the expedition is to utilise adventure as a vehicle to preserve our planet. Charlotte explains: “Being 20, I represent a generation of change makers. I believe this experience will shape my commitment towards sustainable development and provide a launching pad as I embark into the next phase of my journey towards making an impact in the world.”

We asked Charlotte what she was expecting from her upcoming trip, and what her preparation has involved. “As an ambassador of 2041, I plan to use my sustainability platform enhanced through this expedition to increase awareness about what we can do in our own lives, our communities and beyond to combat the effects of climate change. I plan to use the inspiration, the stories and the solutions I learn to inspire change.”

And in terms of preparation, for Charlotte it’s all about the layers! “Although temperatures will only be around -5 Celsius, the wind can make it feel more like -30! Cold weather equipment is a must but so are waterproofs, as a lot of the expeditions will be done in zodiacs along the icebergs.”

Why Sea Change?

Charlotte approached Sea Change to help support her fundraising campaign to join the 2041 expedition. Château Canet has been a Sea Change winery since the launch of the brand, and it was an obvious fit for us to support Charlotte.  She says, “Helping out in the cellar and seeing the many Sea Change bottles rolling off our bottling line made me curious to learn more about this incredible project taking place right under my nose. I’m now proud to represent Sea Change and join its inspired (and tasty!) fight for sustainability.”

We’re thrilled to be able to support Charlotte as she sets off on the start of an incredible journey, and we’re looking forward to hearing about her experiences and what we can all learn from it. Look out for more updates on Charlotte’s amazing expedition, coming soon!

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