The English Spritz

The English Spritz

The English Spritz

What you’ll need

35ml Many Hands Make Rhubarb & Custard Macaroon Flavoured Vodka

105ml Sea Change Rosé Prosecco

35ml The Tea People Darjeeling Tea (strong and cold)

Make your own

Combine the vodka, tea and Sea Change Prosecco Rosé in a cocktail shaker and mix well

Pour over ice in an elegant wine glass

Best served with a Miss Macaroon Rhubarb and Custard macaroon. Yum!


Miss Macaroon’s vodka is made with the highest quality wheat spirit which is purified in a copper pot with macaroons that are left to infuse the spirits over 20 hours to create a spirit with flavours of nutty sweetness. 100% of the profits are donated to Miss Macaroons MacsMAD programme which helps unemployed young people.

The Tea People give 50% of their profits to help improve the lives of tea growing communities in impoverished tea growing regions of the world.


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